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Our Videos!

Hazardous Ash Tree Ordered To Be Removed By The City

Rotten Ash Tree Removal

Removing a big maple tree that was surrounded by a deck, a gazebo & interlock!

A Couple Removals In Tight Quarters

Removing A Manitoba Maple

Removing Aspen Trees

A Small Job Done by Brad's Tree Service

Flopping a Massive Birch Tree in Muskoka

Flopping A Big Maple Tree Beside a House


Flopping a Tree Beside a House

Slow Motion Tree Flop

Topping a Maple Tree

A Leaning Birch Tree Being Pulled Over with a Snatch Block & Truck! 

Roping a Pine Tree

Removing A Stem of a Maple Tree

Removing A Maple Tree From Between 2 Garages

Using Our Wood Chipper

Free Falling Tops of a Spruce Tree!

Dead Carolina Poplar